Monday, August 23, 2004

This has officially been a day. Today's the day that I went to Richmond to finalize all my paperwork for school, pick up my parking sticker, have my picture taken for my student ID, and buy textbooks. The plan was to be on campus by 9AM and have a jump on the crowds. Well, that didn't happen. I got online first thing and electronically signed my MPN, or Master Promissory Note, for my student loan. That took much longer than I thought it would, because it was just so confusing! But, I got through it with a little help from my friends. Liz and Brian, thanks for being patient with the early morning phone calls.

After getting the MPN out of the way, I decided on impulse to check availability of classes just one last time before heading out. You see, due to the lack of information given by my so-called advisor, I left it too late on registration to get much choice of classes and times, and had to take what I could get. So until this morning I was scheduled for an 8 AM class, with a 45-minute drive to get to campus. Not an appealing thought, I can tell you! And also, one of the classes I would've been able to take without prerequisite had already filled up. Anyway, when I checked availability this morning, the one art class was still full, but my 8 AM class had either added a session or someone had dropped a class, so my 8 AM class is now a 3:30 PM class! Yay! The only drawback to the change is that now, 3 out of 4 of my classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with 10-minute breaks in between. So I guess lunch on those days is gonna be protein bars! Maybe I'll lose some weight out of the deal...

So I got to campus, went to the Student Services building fully expecting to be all freakin' day there, and was pleasantly surprised to have the lines for both the parking sticker and the student ID flowing very smoothly and efficiently. I was out of there in no time! I went upstairs to the Counseling Center, where my friend Melissa works, and had a nice chat with her for a few minutes, then it was off to the bookstore!

God, I'm so glad that all this preparatory crap is over with and I can finally get down to the business of actually attending class! I expected the bookstore to be the least confusing part of the adventure today, but noooooo! There were lines everywhere, which I sort of expected, but the problem was that I couldn't tell which line was for what. I waited in one line for about 10 minutes, thinking that it was a line to find out what books I needed, then finally realized that these people were all waiting to print out their class schedule, which I already had in hand! Apparently all I needed was the class number to get my books. So off I went to the Books section of the store. The first book I came across was for my Spanish 100 class, which I picked up when I realized that the one art class I wanted was full. I needed the extra credit hours to make full-time status. So anyway, I got my Spanish book, which is actually a package deal containing a textbook, a workbook, a series of audio CD's, and a video CD. Even so, I was shocked when I looked at the price for this package--$131.45! I thought, at this price, my $500 book voucher from financial aid isn't going to go far! Then I started looking for my art books. I finally found the art section, but couldn't find my classes listed on the shelves. I flagged down a customer service dude and told him I couldn't find my books. He looked for a bit and he couldn't find them either. Then he said, "Let's go check the computer." He looked up one class after another, and the computer said "no textbook required". I got out only having to buy the one textbook! Hooray! So I looked around for any miscellaneous supplies I might need. I found an item that I'd been coveting since I saw an ad on TV for it, the Post-It Flag Highlighter! I know it's cheesy and possibly nerdish of me, but I had to have it! I picked up a couple of other items and proceeded to the checkout line, having discerned which line was leading that way. After about 15 minutes of standing in line, I finally got to the checkout. The guy behind the counter rang up my purchases, and I presented my book voucher. Denied! Apparently my voucher wasn't in the system yet. So I had to go to the back of the store to the manager's office, only to find that she had just gone to the front of the store. So I waited in her office for another 15 minutes until she arrived back in her office. She fixed me up in the computer and then I was off to spend another 15 minutes in the checkout line again, and finally was able to get out of there. Whew! After all that, I decided to visit one of my favorite hangouts of olde, The Grill in the Powell Building. Well, The Grill has now been turned into a FOOD COURT, and all charm had left the building. There was still FOOD there, though, so I had lunch and then headed back toward my car.

On my way out of the Powell Building, I passed a sign in front of an office that said OWLS--Non-Traditional Student Organization. I thought to myself, hey, that's me! So I checked it out, and now I belong to a student organization! Woohoo! Apparently the non-trads, as we are called, have our own student lounge for quiet study, trips to the ball games, and various other campus events. I feel so special! It was just $10 a year, so I thought, what the heck. Besides, you never know who you might meet in such a place!

So that's my adventure in registration. If you cared enough to read all the way down to here, GET A LIFE!!!! ;^D

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