Sunday, March 07, 2004

Charlie at Where The Hell Was I? has moved into his own blog-home--bought his own server and everything. I'm thinking that that's kinda the equivalent of moving from a one-bedroom apartment to a 5-bedroom house on a couple of acres of land. Congrats to him--his new address is dutifully updated on my blogroll (and above). UPDATE: Ok, so I read the email wrong. Apparently Charlie got server space, not a server. Still, though, as Martha says (maybe not so often these days), it's a good thing.

I totally blew off Blogger Idol this last week--again with the "just too busy to be bothered" (or maybe that should read "too lazy"). Anyway, it was a pretty busy week last week--I actually worked all the hours I was supposed to (except for the sick day Monday). We have a new department manager, actually the guy who suggested I apply there nearly four years ago. Now, you'd think that'd give me a humongous grudge against him, but he's actually doing really well so far and trying to address our "issues" as much as he can. I'll give him the "A" for effort so far. He's implemented a new work schedule for us. Instead of 58 hours a week, every week, like we've been doing for almost the last year, he's divided the department into two teams, with one team working 50 hours and one working 56 hours, alternating each week. This will go on until we get out of backlog, which I seriously doubt will ever happen. So, if he's trying to make an effort, I suppose I can, too.

Next weekend, I get Saturday off, and Liz and I are supposed to have an "apartment organizing party" and get some of the crap out of here so I can actually have people over. I'm so looking forward to that, even though I'm addicted to pack-rattedness and just the thought of allowing someone else to help decide what to throw away and what to keep sends me into panic attack and "withdrawal". I'm trying to keep my eyes on the prize, so to speak, and think only about how nice it will be to not be ashamed of my place.

In medical news, I went to the endocrinologist on Wednesday for a follow-up visit on the Graves disease. It went really well. We get on so well together--she has a similar sense of humor to mine, so we end up laughing most of the visits. But here's the big news--she used the words in remission to describe my progress! I've been off my medication since the middle of December 2003, and haven't had any signs of symptoms returning. Dr. Boggess says that if the blood work comes back with good results, I won't have to see her again for 6 months! As much as I enjoy her, I'm not sorry to hear this. I'm really motivated to try to lose some weight between now and the 6 months. It'd be so cool to walk in there the next time 20 pounds or more lighter. I need to lose more than that ultimately, but I'm trying to be realistic on what can be done in 6 months. I also plan to start working out with Rachel again. Apparently she has plans for me.

On a sad note, those who have been reading for a while may remember my uncle Paul passed away about a month and a half ago. Well, my mom called me on Friday and told me that his wife had died the night before. She had been fighting various types of cancer for some time. I think that she may have been fighting only in order to be around to take care of my uncle, and when he died, felt it was OK to "go home". Anyway, she leaves behind 2 children and 2 stepchildren, my cousins. I'm kinda bummed that I won't be able to attend the funeral due to work.

This month is my turn to "lead" at VBCC. Last Tuesday, as our "worship", we went to see The Passion of the Christ. I'm holding off on a review, because I want to see it again. I will say this: I think that all the hype surrounding this movie may have ruined my experience of it. There was no way a mere movie could live up to the expectations I had after hearing a month or so of people saying it was the basically the best thing since the Bible. So I'm gonna see it again and write a review after that. I'd thought about going today, but puttered around and didn't make time. Anyway, this Tuesday I'm planning a discussion entitled "Unveiled Faces", inspired by the book I'm currently reading by John Ortberg--"Everybody's Normal Till You Get To Know Them"--about being in community with others. It's a great book, and I recommend it highly. Anyway, there's a chapter in the book about how we hide behind "veils" to keep people from knowing the real person behind the veil, and how this does us more harm than good in the long run. I'll let y'all know how it goes.

Oh, yeah--I saw Kyle this week--he was in for his birthday, so I made him the obligatory biscotti (it was actually a labor of love). He was "complaining" that I haven't been posting much about what's been going on with me--hope this gives you your "fix", Kyle! :^)

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