Wednesday, October 22, 2003

God has such a twisted sense of humor! I've been thinking all day (OK, actually for several days now) about how good it would be to have some time off from work and not have to deal with the drama there. I've taken to even fantasizing about what I would do if I won the lottery, even though I'm too lazy to go buy a ticket. But mostly, I've just been longing for some time away from the office. So I get home tonight and stop at the mailbox. There's an official-looking letter from the Commonwealth of Kentucky in there! What could that be about? (Anybody guessed it yet?) That's right--jury duty summons!

My "tour of duty" is scheduled to start on November 26th and run through the month of December. I've done jury duty before, but it's been about 4 years. The biggest "hassle" about it is having to call in each morning to see if you have to (get to?) go to court. But hey, I asked God for time away from work. Maybe next time I'll be a little more specific.

I've had this pain in my neck and down around my shoulder blade for the last couple of days. (Maybe it's a metaphor for how I feel about my job.) Anyway, several of the girls at work have these things that are like a buckwheat pillow that you put in the microwave to heat up, then drape around your neck as a sort of heating pad. They let me borrow theirs today, but I wanted to buy one of my own, so I headed off to Walmart after work to pick one up. Well, they don't carry them at Walmart, which sucked. But then I remembered seeing Alan with one he made by filling a tube sock with rice, so I bought some rice, dug a tube sock out of my sock drawer and filled it up, then sewed across the top of the sock to keep the rice in. It's working pretty well! My back still hurts when I don't have the pad on it, but hopefully that won't last too long. I may end up back at the chiropractor's tomorrow. Once again, it sucks but it is time out of the office. Is anyone catching a theme here?

Our SBU manager has cancelled a "mandatory meeting" with us today for the second day in a row. There have been intimations of "consequences" and "people not being happy with what will be said", and even though I can feel fairly sure that any recriminations will not be directed toward me, it makes me tense. I understand the concept of the Damocles sword now. I think the tension has a lot to do with the backaches and such. I wish they'd just do whatever, fire whomever, and get on with it! One part-timer has already been fired, day before yesterday. I'm not sure what the straw was that broke this particular camel's back, probably attendance issues, but it's been coming for a long time. If I were manager, I'd have fired her months ago, but fortunately I'm not the manager. Oh, yeah, and my monitor broke today, so I had to move to another desk until it's fixed or replaced, which may be awhile.

Since I can't seem to find anything uplifting to write about, maybe I'll just hang it up for now and read someone else's blog for awhile. Later!

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