Sunday, September 07, 2003

Well, I made it to Cincy for Vineyard Central's Save Elizabeth concert. It was touch and go there for a few minutes, because an incident occurred on the way that could have ended up with me in a starring role on an episode of COPS. I had to stop for gas before leaving town, so pulled into the station around the corner from my home. The lot there is tiny, with barely enough room to get in and out when no cars are parked in the spaces, and this time cars were parked in all the spaces. The pumps were pretty well free, however, so I pulled up to a pump, noticing as I did that there was a very large truck trying to get between the parked cars and the cars at the pumps. This was no ordinary truck; this was one those commonly known as a "duelie", with 4 tires across the back, a full king cab, and jacked-up suspension. A monster truck, in other words. Well, as I pulled up to my pump, I could tell that this truck was not going to be able to get through the space she was trying to negotiate. So, being that I was running late, and irritated at myself for that and at her for trying to go where she clearly wasn't able to go, I made what was apparently an irritated face and backed up to let her through. The owner of the car at the next pump wasn't so lucky--she was inside paying for her gas. As the monster truck passed this car, her tire clipped the front end of that car, putting a small scratch on the grill and making the car rock, but doing no serious damage. So the owner of the car comes out of the station saying, "Hey, you hit my car!" Then all hell broke loose, in the form of the owner of the monster truck. She got out of her truck and starts yelling and cussing at me! She starts saying some nonsense about how the whole deal was my fault for making a face. (Yeah, I don't get that part, either.) She then comes over to me, gets in my face, and tells me (quote), "I'm gonna take you down!" No kidding! I managed not to laugh in her face, because she was clearly unbalanced and I didn't know what would've happened if I had laughed. So all I could think to say was, "Excuse me?" Then she proceeded to call both me and the owner of the other car several choice names, including the "B" word and the "C" word (email me if you need translations). I think maybe junior high was the last time I heard anyone use the "C" word. The kicker for me was when, before she drove off without leaving any information for the woman whose car she hit, she leaned out the window of the monster truck and called me white trash! At that point the laughter could not be contained. I love irony!

After that, I managed to make it safely to Cincinnati, where I had a wonderful time at the art show and concert. I told Kevin that I thought they should make this an annual event. He says they're thinking about it. I managed to take about a roll of film there, and hope to get it put on CD in the next day or so (no, I'm not digital yet). Once that's done, I hope to put one or two up here.

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