Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Something's got to give, and soon. It's only Tuesday, and already I've had 2 verbal confrontations with co-workers. Over stupid, tiny stuff. I am just not my usual perky self--I'm exhausted! We are on overtime again this week, and into the forseeable future. This is the point where the balance has to come in between the "good money" and the "too tired to spend it." I cancelled my plans for the gym tonight because I'm just too mentally fried to concentrate on the machines and the thought of all that noise and all those people just overwhelms me. I haven't been to the grocery store for over a week, except just to grab what I can think of at that particular moment, so I get food for lunches, but forget toothpaste or something like that. (OK, I'm on the verge of descending into whine mode, so I'll change the subject quickly.) Anyway, if anybody out there happens to think of me, pray for me, will ya? Oh, yeah, you might want to pray for my co-workers, too. :^)

I got home tonight and found in the mail a Valentine's card from my Mom and Dad (ok, from my mom, but she signed both names to it). The choice of card will tell you where my sense of humor comes from. It says: (outside)"Happy Valentine's Day, Daughter--You have superior brains, superior charm, and superior looks...(inside)...and of course, superior parents." All true, of course. :^)

I still haven't sat down and watched President Bush's state of the union speech. I taped it that night, but wanted to watch it when I had time to really absorb all he had to say. That time has not yet come. I need to do it soon, because I know there's some really good stuff in there. BTW, in case anyone is not certain of my stand, I am a huge fan of GWB. I think that he has the most integrity and genuine faith of any president in recent history. He is certainly a big breath of fresh air compared to Clinton. I'm still working out the whole war issue, but am leaning on the side of getting it over with. I think that I won't say any more on that subject until I have more information. I think that war with Iraq is inevitable, and delay only gives Hussein a chance to do as he did before, putting innocent people at risk by placing them, against their will, in strategic positions. Anyway, I did say that I wouldn't talk so much about that right now. In my current mood, I might say something I don't really mean.

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