Saturday, February 15, 2003

In my quest to do anything today to avoid going to the gym, I have finally taken the Hale Online version of the Myers Briggs personality test. Turns out I'm an ESTP. Here's what that means:

"You're action-oriented...pragmatic (look it up!)...outgoing and realistic. In situations that require resourcefulness, you use your quickness and flexibility to find the most efficient route to accomplishing whatever needs to be done.

You are to be where the action is.... like to participate fully in what's going on.... you are direct with your comments and don't mince words.... you are at your best in situations that require an orientation to the present and a direct, no-nonsense practical approach.

You're active, easygoing, and spontaneous...extremely realistic...curious and keen observers...charming and're outgoing, versatile and have an endless supply of jokes and stories for whatever situation you find yourself in...ok, you're funny too! You can be good at easing a tense situation...

You like(d) school because it gives/gave you a place to meet friends and to be involved in activities. Oh, yeah. Education and academics were there too, but you don't care so much about THAT. You're action-oriented...likely to be on a sports team or other after school activities.

You'd rather DO something rather than read about others doing activities. You like hands-on like it when expectations are realistic and when the explanations for a task are clear. You like teachers that are entertaining and make learning fun and active.

You like crises 'cause you can dive right in and fix things. You like to make things happen quickly.... you're willing to take risks, aintcha? You can take charge readily, ESPECIALLY in can react and make it love leisure and kicking're probably involved in sports, as a fan if not a player...

You're a daredevil at a fan, you're pretty animated and excitable. you like collecting things related to a like people who "live on the edge." A perfect partner for romance would be one you can do fun things with...sharing life's up and like to use your persuasive-ness and fun-loving nature to win over the opposite sex...

You don't like dull routine, even in your makes you feel're pretty straightforward with the relationship, including recognizing when it's over....

Watch out for these things, though...don't over-rely on improvisation.. while you might like putting out those fires, that's no reason to create an'll just overload from stress...don't sacrifice follow-through in your work to meet the problems of the moment...don't get too focussed on material things and ignore the things that count, like other people...stop being so blunt and direct! Think about others' feelings...

ESTP: 'Everyone Seems Too Proper'"

Yeah, that's fairly accurate. I was kinda concerned about the accuracy of a "scientific" personality test consisting of only 4 questions, but they pack a bunch of stuff into those 4 questions. I've seen on other blogs what category some other folks fall into, but I'd be interested in hearing from some of you as to how we may be different or similar. It may help me in my "online etiquette" to know where y'all are comin' from, if you know what I mean.

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