Thursday, August 15, 2002

OK, it seems I have some time to sit and see how much of my "stack of stuff" I can get through. I had planned to have Lisa down this weekend to go to the Woodland Arts Fair, but she e-mailed me today and can't make it due to a crisis at her workplace. Although I love having Lisa here (we always have great fun), I always feel like I have to have the apartment spotless, not because she's all that picky or anything--it's just a personal pride thing. I hate for people to see how I "really live". Anyway, since she's not coming, I have a little breathing room in the cleaning department, so maybe I can catch up on all the little scribbles I've made over the past few days.

**I heard an interesting song on the radio the other day; it was a bluegrass version of Abba's "SOS" by a group call The Meat Purveyors. It was pretty darn good! (And you gotta love a band called The Meat Purveyors!) I was listening through the first verse, thinking, "This sounds familiar," then they went into the chorus and it was all over. I had to "LOL", as they say.

**I sort of got a raise last week. I say "sort of" because they raised the piece rate on one type of claim that I process, and made it retroactive to the beginning of August. The way I figure, it could end up meaning an extra 50 cents an hour, or maybe more. Hoo-ray!

**It really felt like fall yesterday, heading out to work. It was the first day of school for Fayette County, I think; at least, it was the first day I had noticed schoolbuses running in the neighborhood. That, combined with slightly lower temperatures, made me realize that summer is slipping away.

**My friend the Fenian wrote an interesting review of the movie "Signs", where he explores some of the spiritual undertones brought out in the film. I have been advised not to see this movie, due to my previously discussed irrational fear, but from what I have heard, it seems like a good movie. Of course, any film with Mel in it can't be all bad.

**I got in touch with my friend, Tim Frederick, and we're all set to do our duet in October. He liked the song I had picked, and I hope to start work on it next week. We get a half hour to do whatever we want with, so I want us to try to get 5 songs into that time--that would be 2 solos each and the duet. We'll have to see how the timing runs--if we can only get 4 songs into that, I'll try to talk him into 2 duets.

By golly, I think that's most of my "stack of stuff"! I have this whole list of websites that I want to check out, such as (see how exciting my life is?!), and if I find anything extremely interesting, I'll be sure to share.

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